What is MDA d Awards

The d Awards is organized by the Malaysian Digital Association to recognize and honor the talents and brands that embrace and use digital technologies. MDA is looking for innovation in designing and execution of marketing digital campaigns that leads to a difference in the way the consumers perceive and consume brands.

Entry categories allow for all forms of technical and creative digital work from any communication discipline to be entered. Moreover, given the nature of digital, results and impact play an important role in the success of the entry and naturally solidify digital as a worthy marketing channel.

Participation is open to all digital natives from clients, agencies and producers. Any entity based in Malaysia with valid digital work that aligns with the entry categories is encouraged to participate and let their work be honored.

About MDA

Digital advertising is a key activity within the total marketing mix today. So much communication, interactions and transactions take place online, in real time, that it’s crucial for all organisations to invest and leverage on the platform to stay ahead and accelerate their own growth.

The Malaysian Digital Association (MDA) was formed in December 2009 to unify the digital advertising and marketing industry in Malaysia, also acting as its watchdog. With the meteoric rise of the country’s digital scene, a group of local industry players, namely online publishers and digital service providers, realised the need for a more unified, standardised and efficient standard of operation.

Whether it’s creating a common standard for gathering and viewing statistics, spreading information or sharing resources, the MDA was created to provide greater focus and leadership for the industry as a whole. The MDA further evaluates and recommends best practices, as well as educates marketers, agencies, media companies and the wider business community about the indispensability of digital advertising in today’s business landscape, thereby raising its profile and credibility.

As the backbone of this dynamic industry, the MDA is wholly dedicated to the acceleration and growth of Malaysia’s digital advertising scene.


As the eyes, ears and voice of the digital advertising and marketing industry in Malaysia, the Malaysian Digital Association (MDA) lives and breathes the following objectives:

  • Educate advertisers & agencies on the value of digital advertising
  • Establish a Professional Code of Conduct
  • Strengthen the credibility of the medium
  • Grow the local pool of knowledge-based & skilled professionals
  • Build forum for discussion & industry relations
  • Provide research information on trends in digital media & marketing
  • Set, promote and enforce standardized creative & research (measurement/tracking) guidelines