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iOS or Android? Go both, or neither and HTML5: Kenneth Wong

iOS or Android? Go both, or neither and HTML5: Kenneth Wong

If you can’t decide between iOS and Android, Kenneth Wong, President, Malaysian Digital Association, suggests to go straight for HTML5.

“The answer is you can’t miss out on both (iOS and Android),” said Kenneth Wong, in a chat with e27, before his panel discussion at ad:tech last week.

Wong, Head of Digital, Carat Malaysia, was recently named President of the Malaysian Digital Association, according to The Star.

In his day job at Carat, he said, where he runs campaigns for clients, choosing between iOS and Android can prove challenging. Thus, the solution is to either go for both operating systems, or pick HTML5 instead.

“There are always a lot of pros and cons in having an app versus having a mobile site, or you know, a functional site. An app always stays in your phone, and the web doesn’t, but my take is that it really depends on what you want to do, what you want consumers to do,” he shared.

He added that starting with a mobile-optimised website, rather than siding with one particular operating system, can come with various data-related merits. For example, if a developer knows that 80 per cent of all mobile site traffic comes from iOS devices, and iOS users are more engaged than Android users, making a decision between the two operating systems becomes a lot easier.

Statistically, a GfK report dated December 3 noted that within the first three quarters of 2013, 6.4 million smartphones were sold in Malaysia alone.

Furthermore, according to a 2014 report published by On Device Research, Malaysia’s smartphone market share sees Android leading with 65 per cent, followed by iOS with 13 per cent.

Malaysia is definitely mobile friendly, said Wong, adding that telecom conglomerates have been encouraging smartphone growth in the country with price cuts. Going forward, pricing for smartphone handsets will only become more competitive, with more players like foreign manufacturers in the picture.

Source: http://www.notey.com/external/3205141/ios-or-android-go-both-or-neither-and-html5-kenneth-wong-ios-technology-android-mobile-malaysian-digital-association-carat-malaysia-kenneth-wong.html